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Breaking Legs in Mondale Hall

By Courtney Mault

Last March, members of the University of Minnesota Law School's Theatre of the Relatively Talentless (TORT) once again tried not to live up to its name and put on its annual spring show. This year's production, It's a Wonderful Law School, a parody of It's a Wonderful Life, was the law school's seventh (the first was titled The Wizard of Fritz, featuring guess who?) and included more than 20 law students, including lead Laura Vannelli as Georgie, an eager-to-please 1L. The whole thing was written, produced and performed by law students, all in service of a little bit of fun near the end of a long school year.

And yes, in TORT tradition, Walter Mondale appeared as himself (Justices Paul H. Anderson and Lorie Gildea also had cameos). These guests didn't need to memorize their lines; they just walked on stage with what appeared to be the entire show's script in hand. Despite this, Mondale still jumbled his lines. "Let me start again," he said, addressing the audience directly, clearly more familiar with a jury box than the fourth wall.

Still, the production was all in good fun, a silly and enjoyable night out. But that isn't to say there wasn't a moral at the end of the story: Do the right thing, help those in need, and above all, keep a sense of moral integrity.

Now that's the role of a lifetime.


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